About Escape Hate

Escape Hate is an initiative based on the real-life stories of individuals who have been caught up in white supremacism, conspiracy theories and hate groups.  Those who have been brave enough to share their stories with us and agreed to have them retold on video all wish for you to avoid the pain that engaging in these types of groups caused in their lives. Your life is precious and not one minute of it should be wasted on things that don’t advance your future and people who don’t support you.

If you are thinking of joining a white supremacist group, please watch our Escape Hate videos, read our blog and think again. As human beings we learn best by story and we can often find ourselves in the stories of others.

If you are in a white supremacist group and need support to exit, please look at our resources section where you can click through to the various groups that are offering immediate and real-time caring interventions.

If you are interested in our research on violent extremism across the spectrum from militant jihadists to white supremacists you can visit our website at the International Center for the Study of Violent Extremism (ICSVE).


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