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Share: Please share our Escape Hate videos on your social media so they spread far and wide and may redirect and help someone avoid needless pain.

Organize:  Show our videos or invite our speakers to come to your events.  Many of those featured in the videos are also willing to speak at events and we’d be happy to facilitate contact.  Contact us here.

Tell your story: If you’ve been involved in an extremist movement and you’d like to share your story, please contact us and tell us a little about yourself.  Our lead researcher will contact you to organize a research interview. If you would like to speak up against white supremacism, we would be happy to add your story to our growing repertoire of counter narrative videos that we hope are protecting others.

Spread some love:  Remember everything you do each day from love is a powerful antidote to hate.  Speak up, smile, spread love—everyday!